Property for sale in Side, Turkey

Since locations move, it does not get any better as compared to Citrus Backyard. Occupying the front-line plot overlooking the particular ruins associated with ancient Aspect and the gold sand of the Grand Seaside, the complex is very near to the town center too.

Operating out of a silent residential community near to nearby shops plus restaurants, the expansion will take advantage of unusually huge landscaped backyards, due to regional planning regulations, which limit building just to 15% from the plot`s 7775 m² region.

Overlooking a natural belt protected from growth, and surrounded on three sides by simply avenues, this particular fantastic area cannot be vulnerable by future buildings.

Thoroughly tended gardens dotted with quiet sun-terraces will encircle a large pool, providing sufficient space for relaxation, in addition to an unmatched venue regarding holidays or for extensive residents.

Lemon or lime Gardens contains a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments, and three- plus four-bedroom duplexes, allowing use of people with various budgets. Most of the apartments have got fantastic views and the development`s unique position ensures that they are going to remain clear.

Just about all apartments are finished to complement the highest standards with the building materials coming from top quality brand names accompanied by a first class level of craftsmanship and a excellent attention provided to details.

The particular apartments come standard

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