Online estate agencies are predicted to force ‘rouge agents’ out of business

Property search experts; The Buying Agents, has stated that estate agents are delivering poor levels of customer service and in by doing so will be forced out of business by 2020 this is a result of quality, online based agencies emerging in today’s market.

The Buying agents believe that high street estate agencies can no longer afford to change high fees and deliver poor customer service. This firm has also claimed that over 90% of their clients would decide who they sold with based on the level of service they received when they were buying their properties.

Consequently, Henry Sherwood the Managing Director of The Buying Agents has predicted that high street agencies are falling to apply the standards of good practice in customer service amongst other things, and in doing so they will be out of business over the next 5 years, since the property market continues to evolve increasingly in favour of the digital medium.

Henry Sherwood continues to say; “We are seeing an emerging trend in the growing number of seller who opt for an online agent as a result of their own buying experience with high street agents. Many customers feel they could do much better themselves at a fraction of the cost by only paying for the services they actually require. As a result, agencies not meeting client expectations when they are looking to buy will quickly become a dying breed over the next 5 years.

“Encouragingly, the emergence of so many online agents has inadvertently acted as a kind of filter for ensuring that only quality agencies survive on the high street which is great news for us and for the clients we look after .“

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